Breakthrough Advertising Chapter 9: Gradualization

How to make someone believe something before they read it. After reading this chapter, I now have a new strategy for creating the structure of an ad. For desire and intensifications to work your prospect has to believe them. Thus, your ad structure needs to present your claims so your prospects believe them. Sometimes, this means you should not contain your strongest claim in the headline because your readers may not accept it. And if they don’t believe your ad they won’t buy your product. ¬†Before you slap you biggest and best claim in your headline think about whether your prospects will believe it. If not think about what claim they will believe and then determine how to build up enough belief in your ad so your prospects will accept your biggest claims.

Chapter 9. Gradualization

Breakthrough Advertising Chapter 7: Intensification

Gene Schwartz is a master at painting vivid pictures of the desires of prospects. To me, it is what makes his ads so fun to read. He creates a utopia for his prospects. He essentially restates the same benefits over and over again but engages the reader through the dynamic and visual writing. Instensification are all about writing benefits in from new angles. He starts with simple, direct claims, but then explores if from new perspectives, such as through time, different people (actors, doctors, common folk, customers, etc) visual demonstration, etc. From this when i go to write copy i will first channel the desires of the masses onto my product several different ways, obviously by writing them down.

Also note to self: “Get Better At Painting word Pictures!”

Chapter 7. Instensification

Breakthrough Advertising Chapter 6:Inside Your Prospects Mind-What Makes People, Read, Want, Believe

Breakthrough advertising chapter 6: inside your prospects mind

Now, before every salesletter i write i will take the time to list and describe all their desires, identifications (similar to desires), and beliefs. Beliefs i find really interesting because if you know them you are better prepared to understand prospects objections and build rapport easier among many other things.